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Over 5000 sold!

Shot-Ski In Action

"The Other Place" Winneconne, WI.  Beaner keeps track of the number of rounds of the Shot-Ski he sells.  It's been quite a profit generator for him, he reports.  Thanks Beaner!

e-mail us your photos of a Shot-ski in action, and we'll post it on our web site.

No Bears were harmed during this photo shoot

          "Goal"                                                                                   Incorrect use of the Shot-ski

                                                                                                                          Popcorn Tavern  -  La Crosse, WI.

Be aware.  Shot ski's may attract creepy guys lurking in the distance.


                       Warning. does not recommend taking instruction from the "I heart beer" guy.



Shot-Ski fun around the camp fire. is not responsible for laundry bill when mouth is not even close to shot glass      

                                                                                      Shot-Ski with "Swing Crew" at Breckenridge 2008

Copper Box on the beach at Pearl Lake, WI.

Nice Knickers

Happy Birthday!                                          Helps you tolerate family functions

"Dude....Put a shirt on"                                          Sorry, only 4 people to a Shot-ski

                                                                  Fun at the Bowling Lanes

The Shot-ski rules in Steeler Country at the Castaway Outside Inn, Bridgeville, PA.



 Fun in the UP of Michigan at Sidekicks in Ironbelt 

They're one shooter short of a Shot-ski....(not that there's anything wrong with that) at the Hofbrauhaus, Pittsburgh, PA.

"Kabul?  I thought you said Cabo." 
Our man Aric sports a cap while on a Top Secret mission to research the "Camel-Ski", a new offering from the boys at


The Boys "Havin' Fun" in the Neighborhood!


               Don't Forget the Girls!                Shot rounds must be properly recorded...

A Slap-Shot to the head....that's gotta hurt!

Looks like the shipment of Shot-skis has arrived at Twin Peaks Restaurants in Texas


All Shot-Skis want to grow up to be like this one...

Scott Phillips and his buddies constructed their own Shot-Ski using the bracket and glass set.  They write :
We made our own ski’s but used your brackets.   These things are going to go great with our Ski Bar theme we are building.  Thanks for all the good times we will have"

Our friend Eve gets her photo snapped with the "" sticker at the entrance to the California side of Heavenly Mountain Resort.  (one of the Shot-Ski guys favorite places to ski)



A  group at the Silversryst gets the Shot-Ski loaded properly before launch.


The Shot-ski guys are really p!$$&d off that we didn't think of this!  Oh well, we'll just steal the idea!

  We had our first annual Shot-Ski Olympics on Big Silver Lake in Wautoma WI.  Everyone got shirts and to start the games everyone had to take a shot of Apple Pie off the shotski.  Even Grandma Pat who is in her 80's.  Then off to the games that consisted of darts, bags, washers, golf, paddle boat, and beer bong.  A fun time was had by all.  We had about 50 in attendance for this year and expecting it to grow for next.  The Shot-Ski was introduced to many.  They loved it.

Denise & Greg Leone


Apparently  Shannon Batzler and her tribe are on some kind of bizarre Wisconsin Shot-Ski pub crawl , they write:

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of my family doing the shot-ski at Silvercryst, in Wautoma WI. back in July.  And also, at Rock Bottom Brewery last night.  They are a blast!
Shannon Batzler

What the....... that's not right!  We have been assured that no squirrels were harmed during this photo shoot.


Bruce (above center) and his friends test out the new 3-shooter at an un-disclosed location somewhere near Aiken, SC.


Claire and the rest of the SAU Senior Ladies of 2010 are watched closely by the evil bartender at
Rookies Sports Bar in Davenport, Iowa, so that they do not "walk away with" the coveted "Shot-Ski"


We proudly support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What?!?  The Shot-Ski guys love "boobies"?  Well yes we do, and we're proud to put our money where our mouths are!



Celebrating the Chief's 3-0 NFL start at Rotolo's Joe's Standard bar in Blue Springs, MO.


Things get crazy when the Shot-Ski comes out to play at a block party in Oshkosh, WI. !

Shot-Skiers at River Birch Lodge

The sponsored softball team takes a round of shots to
"Deep Left Center Field"
Going, going, GONE!  At their annual tournament in Alma, WI. on the shores of the beautiful Mississippi river.

Shot-Ski fun at the Alpen Inn at Big Powderhorn Mountain, Bessemer, MI.

Shot-Ski Mike makes sure to secure permission from our flight attendants before......


the Shot-Ski guys break out the "Top Shelf Traveler Shot-Ski " and set world aviation history by becoming the first persons ever to do a Shot-Ski on an airliner while in flight!!  We can't name the airline, but it rhymes with "Schmelta"....who even bought the shots for us!



Some of the most fun you can legally have!  (at least in North America) The Shot-Ski guys and a few others enjoy the Shot-Ski during a heli-skiing break with our friends at Whistler Heli-Skiing in beautiful BC Canada , February 2011.

Shot-Ski creating "Kaos" at the Junction Pub in Milton, WI.

Note to Self:  Do not order "Battery Acid" as your shot at the -5 Ice Lounge in Las Vegas!
Our man Bart in the oragane shirt and his lovely wife Kim double over a couple of punks from England in sin city recently.

Normally you do a Shot-Ski with 3 of your friends, but when you are challenged in that department, it's 2 shots by yourself out of the Shot-Ski tumbler at "The Other Place" in Winneconne, WI.

Betsey Behling and her tribe enjoy the Shot-Ski on a Girls Night Out at the Sand Bar at Silvercryst in Wautoma, WI.  We published the second photo upside down so you can read the "".  Hey, it's our web site, we can do what we want....


The Shot-Ski comes out to play at Pearl Lake Day in Redgrantie, WI. on August 6, 2011

Happy 70th birthday Louie!  Looks like you got a little on you there....just sayin'

"The Moms"  from Lifetime's hit show "Dance Moms" rip up a Shot-Ski at our friends, the Minus 5 Ice Bar in Las Vegas, NV. See the full video clip on our home page.



Doug Bolingbroke from Austin, TX. writes:
This was the present I made for my friend Mike Chruch for his 50th birthday using your brackets. Patron + shot-ski = perfect!


Our friends Amy and Brian discover the new Shot-Ski at Gator Joes in Ocklawaha, Florida while on a trip to the Tough Mudder in Tampa.

Tommy, Ivan, Lance and Caitlin taking a Shot-Ski, a tail-gate favorite! Metlife Stadium Giants vs. Dolphins 10/30/11.  Note unauthorized use of Giants shot-glass in place of the required glass. If we catch you guys doing that again...."It will be NO Shot-Ski for you!"

Don Hibbert from Colchester, CT. proudly displays who he uses for all of his Shot-Ski needs...yup it's us!

House party in Vail, CO

After a day of backcountry Cat Skiing with San Juan Ski Company at Durango Mountian, Colorado

After a day of guided backcountry skiing at Silverton Mountain in Silverton, Co.

Chris Wheeler from Colorado sent us the above 3 photos and tells us "Thought you guys may like a few of these pics from Colorado. We are making serious use of the Shot-Ski this winter season!!"

Hard to belive the Shot-Ski guy's invitation to all 3 events was "lost"......

The band Prima Donna rocks a Shot-Ski at Kryptonite in Rockford, IL. on March 31
Check out the band
Check out Kryptonite

And with a new "White Out" at Mess Fest in Oakland, CA. on July 8, 2012
Note:  Guitar player goes hands free and keeps on playing!

Looks like the "White Out" came out to play again in L.A.  We love this band!

Looks like the groomsmen took a ceremonial Shot-Ski vow at Sarah Kennison's wedding in South Dakota recently.  Apparently the bridesmaids don't drink....

Another happy customer showing off her Shot-ski as presented to the bride to be! Wonder if she will do a few rounds off the ski before heading down the aisle??

Luke, Sean, Mike and Fish, field test the new "Sniper" Shot-Ski at an undisclosed location in Waushara County, WI.

Kim, Corinne, and Nicole from Atlanta, GA. take the Shot-Ski out for a spin in Destin, FL. at their "Adult Spring Break" ummm we think that's code for "Wild Daily Parties".

Some good ole family Shot-Ski fun at New London Lanes/Hilby's.

Dave Frome from Greenville WI., shows off his rare 3 shooter Water-Ski.

“The shot-ski is more stable with a Rock on the end.” 

Tracy Schoenrock (left) at the Tiki Bar @ Legends Sports Bar in Oshkosh, WI.

“I tried to keep up with the guys from Shot-Ski at Eager Beaver, and then took this picture with my eyes!”

“Turn around and watch your mom show you how it’s done T!”

Becky Lindsey and friends take a Cross Country Shot-Ski out for a flight at the Bend, OR. annual Remote Control airplane night flight “Fun Fly” event.  It's a proven fact that  Goldschlager improves night vision in most pilots!

Andrew, Missy and Bear test out their new Snow Board Shot-Ski at Spring Lake in Tomahawk, WI.
They also seem to have invented a unique Shot-Ski display holder as well as an awesome Shot-Ski transporter to go with the Harley Board.  We're wondering if it flys??

Some of the Atlanta Falcon Cheerleaders test out the new Shot-Ski at a party....or are they Halloween imposters?  You make the call.

Sarah,Erica, Kelly & Jenn

Mike, Denny, Jayce & Travis
Luau Shot-Ski @ Mormon Lake, Arizona, July 4th Weekend, 2012
The Travel Shot-Ski was a Father’s Day gift for My husband, Tim, we love it – thank you!!  Kelly Litten
Umm...we're going to say this as delicately as we can....but we're just not sure Denny was the right person to pull off the grass skirt look....

Our friends Cindy and Ernie winners of "The Amazing Race" on CBS sent us these photos from their wedding.  They met each other over a round of shots on a Shot-Ski!  They had one of our "White Out" models front and center for their guests to sign at their reception.   Congratulations and may you spend many happy years together....with the Shot-Ski!

Thanks, guys, for the quick mailing of the Shot-Ski that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. It arrived in time for our Christmas party for my wife's restaurant Indigo Coastal Shanty in Brunswick. We treated the crew to a party at our house last Sunday and took a few snap shots in front of our tree. So just wanted to pass one along and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy 13.
Buck Buchanan

Our Friend Andy Cohen from "Watch What Happend Live" on Bravo TV
Always promoting the Shot-Ski....Wednesday nights.  Thanks!

Bruce from Aiken, SC. sports his t-shirt in from of the famous Sydney Australia opera house.

Testing out the new "Sled Ski"  at Joanie's Place on the Iron Range, UP Michigan.

Safety First!  Goggles are in place as this group rips a Shot-Ski at the Alpen Inn,  Big Powderhorn Mountian, MI.

Our Man Bart had a birthday (We won't say how many, but the fire department was standing by)  and his daughter Liberty made him a model Shot-ski out of clay as a present!

Visit our friends

The Buck and Badger Northwoods Lodge in Madison Wisconsin proudly displays its Shot-Skis and Paddles in a variety of ways. Check them out online

Who has the best looking menu of all time?   Yup,  its our friends at Twin Peaks.  They have locations all around the US.  Watch for one opening near you.

Some of the Shot-Ski guys test out the Shot-Ski at Merlin's @ Whistler/Blackcomb. It does not appear that their mustaches got in the way.

Jo our server and Paul our bartender took greak care of the Shot-Ski guys at our Promo night at the Longhorn Saloon at Whistler. We had a great time.  Thanks also to Katrina and Jenny for making our event possible!

                                                                                       Winners of the raffle ski at the Longhorn

Everyone, and we mean everyone sports a mustache in Canada!

Can you spot the one who's not one of the Shot-Ski guys?


Shot then ski......but we forgive you Lil Jon....  Ridiculousness!!
(Video curtesy of and copyright MTV networks)

Ryanne and her bridesmaids stir up some Shot-Ski trouble at the Buck & Badger in Madison, WI.
Father of the bride (right) does not seem amused....

Jaime Rowe reports: Every year my friends get together in Madison for the annual Kegball Klassic. There is some debate over if we are on our 4th, 5th or 6th year (the keg could be the reason for that). Kegball is a kickball game with a keg on second base and rules that involve drinking the entire time- the game ends when the keg is gone. This year we introduced Deliverance into the mix- and it was tons more fun!

Mike Alviano and his group take the Shot-Ski international at Muskoka Lake, Ontario. Canada
The Shot-Ski guys are still waiting for a poutine delivery from these guys....

Our friends from the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas TX. test drive a Top Shelf Shot-Ski on their hit Discovery Channel show  Fast N' Loud recently.

 The Parrot Heads of Puget Sound used this White Out  Shot-Skiat their annual
fundraiser "Laid Back Attack" held July 12 - 14, 2013. They had all of the members of the bands that played sign the ski, and then they auctioned it off .  It sold for $400 and was part of over $6,000.00 that they raised during this event for Tall Elks TherapyProgram for Kids.

A couple of pics from Twin Peaks,  one of the Shot-Ski guys favorite places.  Stop in and have a Fireball shot on the Shot-Ski sometime, and then thank us.....

"Some would say it's the best day of her life........we agree.  Shot-Skis are a once in a life time kind of present!"
This is exactly the reason we invented the "White Out"

Having a P.R. nightmare? Attach yourself to Shot-Ski and totally redeem yourself!!
If this doesn't save his second term, nothing will!

Rachel Wertenberger and her friends get primed for a "Ladies Toy Party" at the Wertenberger residence recently.  Just another one of those instances where the Shot-Ski guys ask....."Where was our invitation?"

Shannon & Jim's Wedding. Edmonton,  Alberta, August 2013.

From left: Payton, Kristen, Natalie, and Caitlyn celebrate the cancellation of classes because of SNOW on January 28, 2014 in..... get this....... SOUTH CAROLINA!  Maybe they could have strapped on a couple of Shot-Skis and tried harder!

Fayettechill Clothing Company enjoys the Shot-Ski at the Lodge at Hazel Valley Ranch, Ark.
Looks like they dressed up for the occasion...

Melissa Fung and her tribe enjoy a Shot-Ski, San Diego style,  during a Super Bowl party recently.
Looks like they dressed up for the occasion....

The lovely twin sisters Kelsi and Kayley admire the handcrafted quality of the Top Shelf ski recently at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Las Vegas, NV.  Make sure to visit your local Twin Peaks location to enjoy the Shot-Ski.  Every location in the USA has a genuine,  Shot-Ski.


The "Captain" and his First Mates show off the Captain Morgan Baseball Shot-Skis at the Captain Morgan Club at historic Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL.

Our friends from Niche Import Co. test out their new Traveler Shot-Skis at German Fest in Milwaukee Wisconsin recently.  Marlana reports that they were a huge hit as always.

The reunion committee from the Oshkosh (WI) West Indians class of 1979 proudly display the customized White Out Shot-Ski that they are going to raffle during their class reunion.  The Shot-Ski guys say:  "Great Idea!"

You can tell by the smile on her face that Kathryn Wundrow of Madison, WI. won a Top Shelf Shot-Ski at the Warren Miller Ski Film "No Turning Back" in Wausau, WI. on November 15, 2014.

Audi R8 drop top and a "Top Shelf" Shot-Ski, truly a winning combination.

The Shot-Ski Station was a popular place at the Warren Miller Ski film in Wausau, WI.

Thanks to our friends at the Boston Herald for including us in their Holiday Gift Guide!  Read the write up here:

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